Bexar County needs to keep Judge Rosie Alvarado’s experience and commitment serving us on our 438th District Court.

Judge Rosie Alvarado is the Presiding Judge of the 438th District Court in Bexar County, Texas. The 438th District Court hears a wide assortment of civil matters. Our neighbors have come to count on Judge Alvarado at some of the most important moments of their lives. Families come to this court when the safety of their loved ones is at risk. People who have suffered terrible injuries come to this court to seek help in their recovery. Small businesses, and individuals come to this court to settle disputes and find justice.

Both plaintiffs and defendants have learned that they can depend on Judge Alvarado for a fair and impartial hearing. Regardless of the decisions, they know that she will live up to her promise and base her decisions solely on the facts and on the law.

Judge Alvarado was born, raised, and educated here in Bexar County. She grew up in a family dedicated to serving our community. She learned to never confuse partisan politics with public service.

Judge Alvarado understands the importance of keeping family and community first. Her mother is a lifelong educator. Her father was a respected attorney, community activist, and former State Legislator. She strives to live up to their example. She works to pass on the values her parents instilled in her to her own daughters.

Judge Alvarado is a graduate of St. Mary’s University and St. Mary’s Law School. She earned a degree in biology in 1999, and a law degree in 2002. She is licensed to practice law in all Texas courts, and in the United States District Court for the Western and Southern districts of Texas.

When District Judge Gloria Saldana retired from the 438th District Court, Judge Alvarado announced her candidacy with a promise to the voters of Bexar county:

“I will fight for you. Your access to justice and fair treatment under the law will not be determined by your zip code, wealth, background, or politics.”

Judge Alvarado’s focus on service over politics, and her stellar record of achievement brought broad support to her campaign. Judge Alvarado was humbled to have earned the support of our heroes; active and retired first responders, doctors, and public-school teachers all joined to support her campaign. The San Antonio Express News, in their strong endorsement Judge Alvarado, noted her diverse legal background and handling of complex cases as a trial attorney.

Prior to her service on the bench, she represented individuals in “high-stakes” personal injury cases. She has guided families and small businesses through complex legal matters. She worked for justice in criminal cases. She also enjoyed a successful federal civil litigation practice. She has worked for justice in whistleblower law and civil rights cases involving police misconduct. Her broad experience uniquely qualified her for serving the Court, and has allowed her to keep the promises she made.

In addition to her duties as a district court Judge, Judge Alvarado manages a therapeutic court, called PEARLS Court. PEARLS stands for preparation, esteem, achievement, resiliency, learning, strength, and stamina. The mission of PEARLS Court is to invest in female girls ages 14 to 18 who have been placed in foster care. These youth are more likely to be truant, incarcerated, homeless, jobless, and become teen parents. Statistics reveal a dismal outcome for this population of girls. 33% become homeless and only 3% graduate from college. PEARLS Court gives these foster youth a network of support that values their whole selves and inherent strengths. PEARLS Court supplies therapeutic care and case management, life skills training, and mentoring. And, the statistics speak for themselves – 90% of the girls in the program advance to the next grade level, 100% forego motherhood, and 71% of our high school graduates are accepted to higher education institutions.

Judge Alvarado serves on the Bexar County Juvenile Court Board. She is the Child Support Court Liaison for the district courts and serves on various committees within the Bexar County District Courts Administration. She has served as an advisory board member to the San Antonio Crime Coalition, Chair of the St. John’s Lutheran Academy School Board, Girl Scout Troop Leader. She is a committed volunteer, previously providing pro bono representation to the indigent. She also served in the roles of board president for her homeowner’s association, a mentor with the Girls and Ladies Sports program and the Harlandale High School Diversified Career Preparation Class.

Prior to Judge Alvarado’s election to the bench, she was a business owner and President of her law practice, Rosie Alvarado, P.C. from 2010-2016. She was the former managing partner of Alvarado & Alvarado, P.L.L.C., a law firm shared with her father, Leo Alvarado, Jr. until his passing in 2009.

Judge Alvarado has fought tirelessly to deserve the faith and wide support she received. She has kept her promises:

She has fought to keep the courthouse doors open to all.

She has fought to keep politics out of her courtroom.

She has fought to keep families together whenever possible.

She has fought to keep young girls aging out of our foster system from being forgotten or falling through the cracks.

She has fought to keep our court a haven for those seeking justice, deciding cases on the facts and the law – keeping bias and prejudice out of the process.

Judge Rosie Alvarado has fought for us. Now it is our turn to keep Judge Alvarado in the fight.

We must join the fight to keep her authentic experience, judicial temperament, and proven leadership serving us as our 438th District Court Judge.