Are you ready?

To vote in Texas, you must be registered. The process is simple, but is the first step in making your voice heard. These official, government tools will make sure you are ready for 2020:

Check your voter registration.
If you aren’t sure whether you are registered, or whether your information is current, it is easy to check.

Register to vote.

To register you must complete an application and mail it in. You can use this online form to request that the State of Texas mail you the application.

Need a new registration card?
Getting a replacement card is just as easy as applying. In fact, you can use the same application process, and just choose “Replacement” on the form.

Did your information change, but you are still in Bexar County?
The Texas Secretary of State has a website that takes the work out of changing your name or address on your registration card.

I will continue to fight for you. Your access to justice and fair treatment under the law will never be determined by your zip code, wealth, background, or politics.

I respectfully ask for your support and for your vote.

– Judge Rosie Alvarado438th District Court